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Educational Programs

The following Lecture/Concerts and Residency Workshops are available independently or in conjunction with The French Connection and There is No Greater Love concert programs.

 For a detailed listing of all classes and workshops, please visit the
Jazz Vocal Academy International


Our concerts are designed to be both entertaining and educational at the same time!  Each family-friendly performance lasts from 1 to 2 hours and is interspersed with commentary, visual aids and even the occasional call for audience participation.  Our mission is to connect our listeners with a deeper context for the material on the program for a more enriching musical experience so that they are not only listening, but learning, and sharing in the musical moment. 

In the case of The French Connection additional attention is given to translation for all song lyrics, whether from French to English, or vice versa!

Residency Workshops

Additional Workshops and Lectures can be held in conjunction with any of the above concert packages – topics may be chosen from the list below, or from the  Jazz Vocal Academy International brochure and are designed to be mixed and matched according to your community’s needs. 

Workshops are ideal for a fun and informative addition to a variety of events :

  • your monthly club or lodge meeting
  • a French and/or Music classroom
  • a student assembly
  • an after-school event
  • a special event at your local community center
  • etc.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following :

  • More on the French Connection – Q&A and Discussion about cross-cultural and linguistic similarities and differences.
  • Careers in Music
  • Study Abroad
  • Intro to Improvisation – the Blues
  • Intro to Jazz Styles – Swing workshop
  • Healthy Voice for Popular Styles – individual and/or group lessons
  • Working with a Rhythm Section – guidelines for successful communication
  • Instrumentalists’ Workshop – meet, talk, and play with the guys in the band

Hosting Concerts and Workshops

We will be happy to work with you to find the best combination of topics and events to fit the interests and needs of your students and community members.  For a complete listing of Residency Topics visit the  Jazz Vocal Academy International website.

 Contact to discuss options for bringing The French Connection to your community!

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