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Partners & Supporters

Jazz Fans - $1 < $9

Jazz Connoisseurs  - $10 < $29

Aficionados of The French Connection - $30 < $99

A big thank you to the real Aficionados of The French Connection's album project!
Your support helps us reach our goal that much faster - to show our appreciation you'll all receive a signed CD... and depending on your generosity, possibly a T-shirt or Sexy women's boat-neck T, attendance at the CD Release party, or a Special Surprise!

An extra big thanks to our VERY FIRST contributor - Ngan Nguyen MacDonald!!!

And to all the others who've showed us some extra support...

Rick Matticks, Nancy Noland, the Chaney family, Patrick Johnson, Ryan Hickey, Robert Spangler, Erwin Idoux, John Frederick, Cindy Plecko, David and Jan Confer, Sarah Strasser, Peter Bastawros, plus 2 anonymous donors I WISH I could divulge... but won't, in respect for their wishes.  You know who you are! :-)

Friends of The French Connection - $100 < $349

Our nearest and dearest Friends of The French Connection have taken generosity to the next level towards helping us achieve our mission as Cultural Ambassadors to the world! 

In addition to the signed CD, in return for their very personal support, they will receive a very personal opportunity to share in The French Connection - choosing from a Private Serenade or Coaching Session, to a Copy of the Original Manuscript for "If I Had a Cat", or a Bi-lingal Lyric Book with translations featuring songs from The French Connection.

Courtney Mosely     Bill Vaughn     John & Nancy Chryst     Doug Ogburn

Executive Producers - $350 < $2500 < ??

The sky's the limit!  Your generosity is REALLY making things happen for us, which is why we're giving you an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit on the album, as well as a signed CD, and any number of other opportunities to share in The French Connection experience...

...choose from attendance at the Recording Session (Paris), the ORIGINAL manuscript for "If I Had a Cat" hand written by Keri herself, or a Private Concert in duo, trio, or quintet - live or via Skype.

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